Quaker Parakeet Society

Rescue and Placement Program

Volunteer Application


First Name: _________

Last Name:___________

Are you over 18 years of age?_

(if under 18, see *note* at bottom)

Address:_ _____________

Box or Apt.:___________



Home Phone#:________

Business phone#:_____


E-Mail Addy:____


Check one or more areas of RAPP volunteering you may

be interested in:




_______RAPP Support (support, education and mentoring)

How many hours per week do you have for volunteer work?

Do you have a valid driver's license? ______

Do you own or have access to a vehicle? _______

How far are you willing to travel to participate in

transport, placement or rescue?_____

Do you presently own 1 or more Quaker Parrots?____

If yes, how many?_______

Do you presently own other species of birds?_____

If yes, what species and how


Do you breed birds?_____

If yes, as a _____hobby or _____source of income

Does your residence allow space for quarantine?______

Do you use an avian vet/vet?_____

If yes: name of avian vet/vet:__________

Phone #:______________________

Have you adopted, rescued or fostered birds in the

past?, (not including those birds purchased through pet stores or


Do you have equipment that may be necessary for

transport, fostering or adoption? (i.e.: travel cages,

extra cages):_______

Are you currently a member of any bird clubs, societies and/or

discussion groups?________

Please list:______________


Why do you want to become a volunteer? 


How did you hear about QPSRAPP and what motivated you to apply

as a volunteer:________


Upon submitting, this form will be sent for review to the QPSRAPP committee.

Please be advised that there may be a waiting period before becoming an eligible adopting volunteer. You will receive a response from the committee shortly, including the QPSRAPP Welcome Letter. If you experience any difficulties sending the application, it can be copied and pasted into email and sent to: [email protected] or [email protected] or sent by regular mail to:


QPS-Rescue and Placement Program

2475 Crescent Ave.

Eugene  OR  97408


Thank you for volunteering and helping to change the world one Quaker Parrot at a time.  


QPSRAPP has the right to decline any application that would appear unable to conform with, or be in conflict with, required QPSRAPP volunteering guidelines*

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If applicant is under 18 years of age, you must print this application and have a parent or legal guardian sign it and have it notarized, then mail it to the above address.




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