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Sometimes Quaker owners contact RAPP when they are experiencing difficulties with their birds which do not necessarily require placement. If you feel that you and your bird could benefit by receiving the support of a RAPP Support memtor as an alternative to placement, write to QPSRAPP and request a RAPP Support mentor. RAPP mentors are experienced Quaker owners who will work one on one with others, offering advice, resources and support. QPSRAPP Support memntors are offered to newly adopting volunteers as well, to make the transition into a new home for any placed RAPP bird, as smooth as possible.


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QPSRAPP understands that the decision to place your Quaker in a new home is difficult. Over 200 RAPP adopting volunteers understand this too. Most of the volunteers presently own, or have owned, Quakers in the past. They understand the species well. RAPP is an unusual program in that it it solely internet based. This means volunteers are located across the US and Canada. There are probably one or more in a location near you. This also means RAPP acts as the contact which notifies the volunteers that there is a Quaker who is in need of a new home. The owner selects the volunteer. To begin placing your Quaker in a new home through RAPP, we ask that a Questionnaire is completed and mailed to QPSRAPP. The Questionnaire allows us to get to know your Quaker a bit, as well as any concerns or particular desires you might have regarding your bird's placement. The RAPP Placement Coordinator then notifies the volunteers that there is a bird in need of a new and permanent home and interested volunteers will receive contact information. Volunteers will then begin contacting the owner via email to express their interest and introduce themselves. Later, as both parties feel more comfortable, the means of contact is up to you. The RAPP Placement Coordinator and Chairperson will ask to be cc-ed on all correspondence to be kept updated should their assistence be required. RAPP Commitee members will also assist as needed. Clicking on the bar labeled "RAPP Questionnaire" will bring up the Questionnaire, which can be completed and emailed to QPSRAPP, or it can be printed and sent postal mail to:

PO Box 2475 Crescent Ave.
EUGENE, OR 97408