Welcome to the Quaker Parakeet Mailing List; a gathering place to discuss Quakers, offer support, share information about Quakers and Quaker educational resources. By the time this letter has reached your mailbox, you will have received confirmation of your subscription to the List and the List Guidelines. Congratulations and welcome aboard!

The basics of the List Guidelines have been in place since the List was created. They work well to maintain a feeling of family that a successful Internet list should offer. Whether you are researching to find out if a Quaker is the right bird for you, or you are a new Quaker owner, or are an old hand at Quaker ownership, do not hesitate to make your first post or to ask questions. Everyone is there to participate.

If you don't receive an immediate reply to a specific question, be patient, you will with time. Not everyone reads his or her mail immediately. Another member will reply, usually within a day of posting. If your question requires an immediate answer, check the List archives for answers from past posts. They are available at:  http://lists.whathelps.com/archives/qplist.html

If this is your first experience with a mailing list, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that might help you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: There is so much mail! How can I keep from getting so many messages all day? (Individual vs. Digest)
A: To switch to digest, send a blank email to:
[email protected] in the body of the email type SET QPLIST DIGEST
To receive individual postings, send a blank email to:
  [email protected] in the body of the email type SET QPLISTS NODIGESTS

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the List or go no mail for a period of time?
A: To unsubscribe permanently, send a blank email to:
[email protected] in the body of the email type QPLIST SIGNOFF
To turn mail off temporarily, send a blank email to:
  [email protected] in the body of the email type SET QPLIST NOMAIL
To turn mail back on:
  . [email protected] in the body of the email type SET QPLIST MAIL

Q: I am having difficulty posting to the list/I am not receiving posts. What do I do? Contact the site administrators at [email protected]

Q: Can I attach files or photos to my posts?
A: No, the List does not accept attachments of any kind to protect our members from potential viruses.

Q: What is flaming and what should I do if I see a flaming post?
A: Flaming for purposes of this List, are posts that are written to purposefully insult an individual List member, or the List in its entirety, or posts which would cause the List to have an unpleasant or unsupportive atmosphere. If you read a post that you consider flaming, the best thing to do is not to answer that post. Why? This adds to the flame, allowing it to grow. Write to the help email addresses with your complaint or to vent your dissatisfaction. There are hundreds of List members. Members will come and go and so will disagreements that occasionally crop up. How quickly they dissipate is up to you and how you conduct yourself on the List. Always keep in mind that this is an Internet list, without benefit of face to face interaction. Reading each post carefully and with an open mind will go a long way to allow the List to remain harmonious or to get back on track. Remember that we are all individuals, bringing our individual personalities and experiences to the List. Respect for our individuality should be shown.

Q: What is OT and why should I bother to change the SUBJECT LINE in my post?
A: Off topic is post content that strays from the subject of "Quaker". Though not contrary to the Guidelines, it is a courtesy is to write "OT" in the subject line to give the opportunity to those members who don't care to read them to delete them.
Remembering to change the SUBJECT LINE when you change the topic of conversation only takes a second and is a big help to those looking for specific help for a specific problem by pinpointing the posts they need immediately. Or, if you are looking for help and the SUBJECT LINE doesn't reflect the help you need, your question can become obscured in the volumes of posts and you will be less likely to get a speedy reply.

Q: Why am I limited to 5 posts a day?
A: To allow all of the hundreds of members on the list to post to the list reasonably before the host, in this case, listserve, becomes overloaded. Should the host become overloaded, posts that are urgent, such as one about a sick bird, might not get posted until the following day. This could result in members that might be able to offer immediate assist not be able to respond. Consolidating multiple replies into one will allow you to remain within the 5 post limit.

Resources: The Quaker Parakeet Mailing List is just one of several committes which makes up the
Quaker Parakeet Society (QPS). QPS membership is not required for List subscription, but joining is one more way for you to receive support and Quaker related information. Information about QPS and all its committees, be found on the QPS website at: http://qp-society.com/QPSmain/QPSindex.html

Questions about QPS can be addressed to:
[email protected]

We know that your membership on the
Qplist will supply you with a great source of information about Quakers, as well as a place to make friends with a common interest in our favorite bird, the Quaker Parakeet. We hope you will enjoy your stay and we look forward to your becoming long time list member.

The QP List Committee

It is very important that you READ and UNDERSTAND the following guidelines!! To keep the list an enjoyable source of education and support for Quaker lovers, we expect all members, including moderators, to follow these guidelines.

1. Flaming, profanity, or disrespect for other members will not be tolerated. (Also keep in mind that some of our members are children.)

- After a first offense, subscribers willl receive a private notice and may be moderated (all posts must be approved by a moderator before being sent to the list).
- After the 2nd offense, the subscriber wwill not be allowed to post to the list for 60 days.
- After the 3rd offense, the subscriber mmay be removed from the list.

2. Do not quote entire messages when replying to a post. Keep the parts relevant to your remarks and cut out the rest.

3. Please try to stick to the subject - Quakers - or at least use the subject header: OT (off-topic) if you don't.

4. We encourage sending one-liners, me toos, thank yous, and other similar messages privately instead of to the list. Most other personal responses, including prayers, good thoughts, and condolences, are often also best sent privately to the individuals for whom they are intended.

5. Do not send image files, graphics, or other attachments to the list. They will be automatically removed before the post is sent to the list to protect members from potential viruses.

6. Do not send chain letters, virus warnings, or other non-bird related alerts to the list. The majority of these alerts are hoaxes, and because attachments are removed before posting, no files containing viruses should make it to the list.

7. Due to large membership, we ask that each member send no more than 5 posts per day. This helps encourage more relevant postings and keeps the volume of postings to a reasonable level. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, members exceeding this number will receive a private reminder and may be moderated to enforce the rule.

8. We have an advertising policy for this list. If you are thinking of promoting anything on the list that you will financially benefit from, please read the list ad policy first.

LIST ADVERTISING POLICY- a member advertising signature may contain (2) lines: your name, business name and url or email.
Ex: Joe the QPMan
      Crazy Quaker [email protected]
You may post directly to the List to notify members of SPECIAL MEMBER DISCOUNTS ONLY and, once a month only. If you sell products that are often asked about on the list, such as avian toys, Happy Huts, special perches, etc., you may respond to such posts with a brief: "yes, I do sell them" and directions how to contact you,. All other advertising, particularly non-avian related, is prohibited. Members responding to advertising are not to post directly to the List, but TO THE ADVERTISER DIRECTLY.  QPS members wishing to make the most of advertising are reminded that the Sentinel, the QPS quarterly journal, charges a very small fee for advertising in the publication, and reaches hundreds of readers.

9. If your email program has a receipt requested option, please turn it off when posting to the QPList. With an average of 400 members, your mailbox will rapidly fill with receipts.
Plain text is also preferred, as HTML attract more viruses.


ATTENTION MEMBERS:  You can change you personal or mail options for the QPList by going to http://lists.whathelps.com/archives/qplist.html and clicking on Join or leave the list (or change settings)

Or, you can make use of the email commands listed below.


  Make sure there is nothing in the subject line but in the body of the email put your command.




  Start receiving mail again- SET QPLIST MAIL


  Copy of your own postings- SET RPRO

  Change your email address- CHANGE QPLIST NEWADDR <insert new address>

  To search the archives- in the body of the message put these words:

  SEARCH QPLIST <insert words here> A synopsis of posts will be sent to you with your keywords. Pick out the posts that you want to read (it will be a # or #'s) There will be instructions on how to pull those particular posts from the archives