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Cliff Patterson

It is with great sadness that QPS informs you of the death of Cliff Patterson, charter member of QPS, a longtime member of the Quaker Parrot mailing list, breeder and lover of parrots. Cliff passed away Friday May 8, 2009 at the age of 65 in the nursing home where he had recently been living.

Cliff had numerous health problems the past few years and suffered a catastrophic fall last year that broke both of his legs.

His health had been deteriorating rapidly during the last few weeks prior to his death. While in the nursing home, Cliff was comforted by visits from his beloved birds Quaker Cookie and Hahn's Macaw Woody. With the welfare of his birds in mind, Cliff made provisions for their safe transition to a new home. They now live with Cliff's good friend Suzie Bliss.

Cliff was a big supporter of QPS and Quakers. He was responsible for the original design of The QPS Sentinel and was a contributor to every issue but the last one. Cliff ran multiple message groups for many species of parrots. His legacy of sweet, much loved parrots will live on for a long time. He will be greatly missed. Cliff had a special love for QPS and it’s publications, the Sentinel and the annual Calendar.

To honor Cliff's life and his dedication to the welfare of Quaker parrots, a fund has been established to assist with the publication of The Sentinel and The QPS Calendar.

Donations can also be sent to:

PO Box 7241
Eugene OR 97401

Memorial Tributes
from some of Cliff’s QP Friends
John D. & Frodo Bird respond: - That is sad, sad news indeed. One of the joys of the Quaker Parakeet Society and the Quaker Discussion List, and of the Internet - itself - is that we get to "know" people that we have never met and who may be separated from us by miles and miles of geography. But we get to correspond on an almost instantaneous basis and we get to "meet" and develop friendships with people who have similar interests and concerns. This is one of those instances where the Internet has lived up to its earliest promises of making a smaller, more friendly world.
     I never met Cliff Patterson face-to-face, but I did come to "know" him and to count on his expertise and knowledge about Quaker Parakeets. I didn't always agree with Cliff, but I certainly came to respect his opinions and ideas.
     I think that it's a great idea to give cash donations to the Quaker Parakeet Society in Cliff's memory, and you can count on me for a memoriam. Here's to you, Cliff. We are better people for having known you, and we are a better organization for your help and interest.
Marissa and the flock: Well said, John - I feel exactly the same way. I joined the list almost 7 years ago, when I found myself suddenly "petsitting" for, and later adopting, my Quaker, Kiwi. The list, and Cliff in particular, helped me to understand my own "little green dragon".
     My thoughts and prayers are with Cliff's family
Victoria Booth: As I said earlier, Cliff and I certainly had our "run ins" until about the last year or two when we called a truce and became friends. It's odd that a person that you only know through these groups can cause such sadness when they die. Cliff's death HAS been very sad to me. I can't explain it. Last night, off and on, I kept finding myself choked up and with a few tears trickling down.
     I couldn't help thinking about something Cliff did back in September of last year. He sent me a watch with a heart and a picture of a GC which looked identical to my Chicky. The next month I ended up in the hospital for 9 days and I was missing my babies so much I couldn't stand it. My aide brought my "Chicky" watch up to the hospital for me and it comforted me so.I looked at that little GC face over and over and it helped me so much. I love the watch, but I am a watch junkie so I had put it in my jewelry box awhile back to wear other watches I have. Last night I got it out and put it on. It reminded me of Cliff's kindness and generosity and how this watch comforted me.
     I've decided to wear it for at least the next few weeks as sort of my own personal memorial as to who Cliff was as a person. It is a testimony to me as to the kind of heart Cliff Patterson had.
     Cliff, thank you. Thank you for all you did and who you were at your core. You will definitely be missed.
Suzie Bliss: Hello to all, My name is Suzie Bliss and Cliff Patterson was one of my closest and dearest friends. Once Cliff went into the nursing home, he decided to give me the honor of looking after his beloved birds Cookie and Woody. The birds have been living with me since November and I can assure everyone that they are in a loving home. Cliff knew that he could trust me in taking care of his birds after he had passed (having learned everything I know about birds from Cliff himself) and I double checked with Cliff to assure me that everything was being done correctly. Cliff also gave me Toby, his 20 year old Blue Crown Conure the week before he passed. I picked him up and Toby and I got to say goodbye to our best friend a few hours before his passing. I can honestly say Cliff was one of the most honorable and most kind-hearted people I have ever known and I miss him greatly and will continue to forever.
Charlene M. Scanlon: Oh Dear. So sorry to hear about Cliff. I have spoken to him several times over the years and it was always such a pleasure to talk to him.
     Now Cliff has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and picked up all his past pals. That is a happy thought and that is how I would like to remember him, sweet, caring, respectful and a dear man. I will miss him as all of you on the QP List, he was just so wonderful and I have shed quite a few tears since I have read the news.
I am so sad.
    Respectfully, The Silver Ghost...~{:0(
Natalie and Skeeter from Delaware: I too, am very saddened to hear about Cliff’s passing. I, along with so many others, had never met him, but enjoyed all his posts that he shared and all the interest that he showed the Quaker Parakeet. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. May Woody and Cookie have a wonderful life with their new owners. Cliff will definitely be missed and our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to everyone. He was indeed a very special person.
~%>Birdlady Diane: Oh my!! I am so sad to hear this news. I know he has been sick for such a long time with his broken legs and healing process. The country has lost one of the finest advocates for the Quaker species that I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I am glad I stayed on the list or I might not have heard this. My prayers go out for the dear man. I know how hard it must have been for him to find homes for his precious Cookie and Woody as they were quite the trio at all the bird fairs I saw him at.
     ~%>Birdlady Diane and Pico a Pico, Beeper and Chipper