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"Less than a century after the only parrot exclusively native to the United States became extinct, another parrot has become established in North America. The monk or Quaker parrot isn�t crowding out songbirds or woodpeckers or scissor-tailed fly catchers, but rather prefers urban habitat modified in ways most native species cannot survive."

"Will this new parrot be allowed to stay?"

"Is there room today for parrots in the city?"

Parrot behavior consultant, Mattie Sue Athan, has won Amazon's Best-selling Bird Care and OWFI's Best Non-Fiction Book Awards. Here she joins Jon-Mark and JoAnn Davey to document the status of wild monk/Quaker parrots. The coauthors share almost half a century of experience watching wild parrots in North America. QPS sponsored the publication of Parrots in the City.

PITC co-author Jon-Mark Davey, spends considerable time documenting Wild Quakers on film and in photographs. Jon- Mark writes in a post to the members of the Quaker Parakeet Society Discussion List: "I decided to put together a small album of some of the very neatest photos of the "Wild Ones". When you look at these photos see if you can spot some visual characteristics of YOUR Quakers.... I could see so many faces and attitudes that my babies have in the faces of many of these wild ones.... watching them through lenses I could really see so many similarities and so many differences all at the same time."

See Jon-Mark's photos and award winning website at Quakerville