Below are toll free #s for several pellet manufacturers. Some offer free samples! QPS does not recommend one formulated diet over another. QPS suggests you discuss with your avian vet which formulated diet might best suit your Quaker's needs and you will have to experiment to see which he/she will readily eat and benefit from. A diet's availability in your area should also be considered.

Diamond Avian 1-800-353-2473

Dr. Dee's 1-800-942-343

FeedL'Avian 1-800-543-3308

Hagen 1-800-225-2700

Harrisons 1-800-346-0269

Kaytee 1-800-529-8331

Lafeber 1-800-842-6445

Lake's 1-800-634-2473

Pretty Bird 1-800-356-5020

Roudybush 1-800-326-1726

Scenic 1-800-327-7974

Sleek & Sassy 1-800-358-8710

Ziegler 1-800-841-6800

ZuPreem 1-800-345-4767