Qp-society.com is a news, media and events company that works with industry leaders to develop the betting, betmaster and gaming industry. Welcome to the Quaker Parakeet Mailing List!

A gathering place to discuss Quakers, offer support to fellow Quaker owners, share information about Quakers and Quaker educational resources.

The basics of the List Guidelines have been in place since the List was created. They work. Whether you are researching to find out if a Quaker is the right bird for you, are a new Quaker owner, or are an old hand at Quaker ownership, do not hesitate to make your first post or to ask questions.

Access to the QPList archives and your personal QPList settings is not automatic. Go to the QPList webpage at: http://lists.webhelps.com/archives/qplist.html (The QPList website can also be accessed via the QPS website).

Once you are at the QPList website, click on SUBSCRIBERS CORNER. You will be prompted to register. When you are registered, you will have access to the QPList archives each time you sign in. You can also change or update your personal settings, such as receiving your mail in individual or digest form, go temporarily no-mail, update your email address, unsubscribe, etc. If you do not care to register or you have difficulties accessing the archives, updating or changing your settings, or need help with any thing to do with the QPList, write to the list moderators at: [email protected] Posting commands or asking for list help to the List itself does not assure that the moderators will see it. Write to the above address for help. The help address is listed on each and every QPList email.

Do's and Don't's-

The Quaker Parakeet Society pays a fee annually to a hosting service to keep the QPList. There is no charge to members. Members are expected to pay their way with kindness, courtesy, honesty and willingness to help others in their quest to be responsible and happy Quaker owners. This is not a democracy, and it's not a typical club. The QPList has volunteer moderators whose job is to enforce the QPList Do's and Don'ts. This is not an option. Moderators will put those who violate the guidelines on moderation, which can last one week minimum. Further infractions or a severe infraction can result in loss of QPList membership.

The List does not accept attachments, (files and photos), of any kind to protect members from potential viruses. Please include web links to photos, websites, articles, and files in your posts if you would like to share.

Off Topic Posts and Flaming- This is a discussion list dedicated to Quaker Parakeets. Personal attacks, politics, religion, or soliciting of any kind have no place on the QPList. The QPList is comprised of members of many different economic incomes, races, ages, and beliefs. We will be tolerant and respectful of each other. We do not have the advantage of being able to sit down face to face to work out any differences, so we will read through our posts carefully before we send them and will choose our written words carefully. If you read a post that you consider flaming or off topic, IGNORE IT! The moderators will handle it. Do not bring member off line disputes to the QPList.

Posts are limited to 5 per day per member to allow the hundreds of members on the list to post to the list reasonably without the host becoming overloaded.

ADVERTISING POLICY- As the owner of the QPList, the Quaker Parakeet Society does not endorse products other than its own to supplement the society.

A member advertising signature may contain (2) lines: your name, business name website address, and/or email address.

You may post directly to the List to notify members of SPECIAL MEMBER DISCOUNTS ONLY, ONCE A MONTH. Avian related business owners may respond to posts requesting information about their product(s) with a brief: "yes, I do sell them" and directions how to contact.

ALL other advertising, particularly non-avian related, is prohibited. Members responding to advertising are not to post directly to the List, but TO THE ADVERTISER DIRECTLY.

Classified advertising is available in THE SENTINEL, QPS' quarterly publication. Contact QPS at [email protected] for further information.

Resources: The Quaker Parakeet Mailing List is just one of several committees which make up the Quaker Parakeet Society (QPS). QPS membership is not required for List subscription, but joining is one more way for you to receive support and Quaker related information. Information about QPS and all its committees, can be found on the QPS website at: http://qp-society.com/QPSmain/QPSindex.html

Questions about QPS can be addressed to:
[email protected]

We know that your membership on the QPList will supply you with a great source of information about Quakers, as well as a place to make friends with a common interest in our favorite bird, the Quaker Parakeet. We hope you will enjoy your stay and we look forward to your becoming a long time list member.